A smile makeover

In all makeover cases, gum tissue provides not only the esthetic framework but is the foundation that will hold the teeth and all the restorative work (crown, bridge, veneer). Therefore, fundamental to the smile makeover is the assessment of the gum tissue. Removal of excess tissue, building up of minimal gum tissue, and recontouring of existing tissues are procedures periodontists routinely perform to provide the best possible framework for your new smile.

Before undertaking extensive cosmetic dentistry, it would be advisable to seek a consultation with a periodontist. The periodontist will assess your goals and work with your family dentist so that you may obtain the best possible cosmetic result.

Sometimes, a smile makeover may also require other treatments prior to the placement of crowns or veneers. These treatments may be a combination of root canal treatment, orthodontics (braces), and periodontal surgery (esthetic crown lengthening). The purpose of these procedures are to enhance the outcome of the cosmetic makeover.