Quebec Association of Periodontists

A periodontist is a dental care specialist who is dedicated to prevent, to diagnose and to treat diseases and afflictions of the bone and the gum, meaning tooth supporting tissus and dental implants. He works on maintaining the health, the function and the aesthetic of those structures and sets implants. In all, he treats, maintains et rebuilds the foundations of your teeth. The college program specialized in periodontics is three more years to the regular dentist course, which is four to five years long. In addition, to be allowed to declare himself specialized in periodonctics, the periodontist must must complete Royal College of Dentists of Canada’s exams.

«You don’t start renovating your basement when the foundation is crackled. » It is the same with your mouth. Any disease touching gum, gingivitis, periodontitis or else must be treated before having a crown or a prothesis done. It’s a question of foundation.
Today, the offer of periodontal treatment found at the dentists can be pretty wide. It is sometimes difficult for the patients to choose when several options contradictory in appearance have been introduced to them. Especially, certain «not scientifically based» treatments are interesting because they are less invasive and faster. Although, when saving yout teeth, years of uneffective or botched care can only lead to their loss. Therefore, in order to increase the success rate, you choice of treatment must be based on truthful information based on scientific criteria that have been proven. The periodontist is there to give you that information.
Do you have bad breath, loose teeth, gum pain, bloody gums, moving or misplaced teeth, new gaps between teeth or abscesses? All those symptoms are due to gum diseases and it must be taken care of before it’s too late. Ask a periodontist.

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Lauren Spevack : President
Romina Perri : Outgoing President
Georges Jammal : Secretary
Sandrine Barakat : Treasurer